Stacy's Garden

                                         My Darling Stacy

It's been three years since we lost you and the pain is still so awful. Family and friends spent February 8th with us sharing memories about your life. It was to hard to share some of the memories that are so dear to me that day, so I thought I would share some of them with you and them in a letter.

I remember calling My Mom not even an hour after we left her house to tell her that Stacy was born.

I remember holding you at Easter time with your big Easter bonnet and all your curls in my face .

I remember holding you and Michelle on my knees singing " Two Girls for every Boy" as loud as we could and bouncing around like crazy.

I remember changing the words to songs and singing them to Mom so she could tell us we were being goofy and gross.

I remember you dragging me behind the go cart and hoping you wouldn't make the next corner because I don't think you would have ever stopped.

I remember Fest times at the Bayrischer Hof Restaurant and when they played the Sierra Madre song, the song on this page, you would come to me and ask me to dance. I can't waltz but you didn't mind.

I remember watching your softball games, praying you would get on base so I could see your big smile when you scored a run.

I remember hearing a loud bang when you were driving our ATV and seeing parts of the transmission on the ground and out the side of it.

I remember you sneaking Missy over when you were not supposed to and the look of innocence when you were caught.

I remember you being so mad at me for not letting you go somewhere but you always came and said goodnight and I love you, and so I could say it to you.

I remember you going fishing with me so you could drive the pickup and doing doughnuts on the ice and hearing you laugh.

I remember trying to have Michelle steer the truck down our driveway, and when she said she was scared you said "Get out of My way, I'll Drive".

I remember picking you up after you had dyed your hair. You just glowed and you hid your head all the way home. You were still beautiful.

I remember drawing the plans for your nightstand that you were going to build in wood shop and having our last talk.

I remember something making me come home that last morning just to see you kids off to school. You were standing in the kitchen and I was thinking how beautiful you are and all the boys I will be meeting and giving them a rough time.

I remember giving you that last hug and goodbye, the one I will feel every day for the rest of my life.

I remember calling my Mom and telling her that Stacy had died.

                                I Love You Stacy,  Dad

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