Stacy's Garden

From Linda Yantes

Dear Vanderlinde's,

I didn't know that you had a web site set up for Stacy.  But when you called on Friday I opened it up to take a look.  What a beautiful tribute to Stacy!  

This letter is just to say that people like me who are not connected with your family everyday tend to forget the pain and sorrow that you endure everyday even this long after the accident.  We go on with our everyday lives but you, I'm sure, have to find a way to get through everyday without crying, without being sad or without being angry.  I can't imagine losing one of my children and I hope I'm never put in that position.  Your loss puts many things in our lives in perspective.

Please know that my family and I'm sure many families in Watertown are praying for you everyday that the pain will lessen with time.

Your in my prayers,

Linda Yantes   


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