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"To My Little Sister in the Sky" from Michelle

You have the most wonderful smile, a bubbly personality, and a laugh someone could hear two blocks away.  I remember always picking on you about your laugh and called it your "donkey" laugh.  Then you'd tell me "No, it's not" and then you'd start laughing and I'd prove my point immediately.

I have so many memories of you, but I picked out a few to tell all of your friends and family today.  You loved people and you loved to talk.  You had trouble trying to keep that mouth of yours shut.  We could tell by some of the teacher's comments on your report cards.  "Unnecessary Talking" or "excessive talking".  I could see the sparkle in your eyes when you only had one comment like that on your last report card.

Stacy, you are such a beautiful person, inside and out.  You could have the biggest, widest, weirdest smile, or a frown on your face and you'd be unbelievably beautiful.  Not too many people can pull off something like that.  But you didn't seem to have a problem with it.  However, honey, you and I both know that your hair was a different story.  I remember when you came home with your newly dyed hair and I asked you what happened and you cried as you told me to keep quiet.  Then you informed me that your hair was too thick so they used two boxes.  I couldn't help but laugh.

Of course, you and I had our share of arguments just like other siblings.  We'd tell each other that we never wanted to talk to each other again.  But five minutes later we'd be giggling like nothing ever happened.  I remember we'd always kick the wall between our rooms to let each other know to be quiet so we could get some sleep.  It got really annoying when we could hear each other move around in our beds since the wall is so thin.  I know that deep down in our hearts, we kindled a love that will last and last.

Remember when we'd play our "Red Chip, Blue Chip" game and compete to see who was the better singer.  Then there were nights when you'd sleep in my room or I'd sleep in yours and we'd sing "Love Can Build a Bridge" which was among the favorites.  I'd be Wynona, you'd be Naomi.  And we'd laugh so hard at each other as we tried to copy their voices just perfect.  I will never forget the nice times when you'd kick my wall.  It always seemed to be at 7:04 and 7:16 in the morning.  You would be pounding away to get me up for school.  Or when you asked me quietly to sing you to sleep.  The song was "The Rose".  I would sing it to you while you laid in bed or when we sat out on the couch downstairs.  I'd run my fingers through your beautiful blonde hair and you'd listen as I would sing it to you.

Now as we sit and think of all the memories you have left for us, "The Rose" will be sung in remembrance of all those times sitting on the basement couch or when you kicked the wall to have it sung to you.  Enjoy it and sing along.  Sing with me when you see me dancing around my room like a big goon.  I'm forever grateful for the 15 years of memories I have been blessed with.  With you I will live in your memory and keep them alive.  Say "Hi" to Jesus for me.  I will see him soon.  I love you with all my heart and every ounce of strength and energy I have.  I love you now and forevermore.

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