Stacy's Garden

From Sister Jeanne Marie

Stacy, whatís hard for me to share in words - I can offer in this prayer. It is offered in loving memory of you - but especially for your family & friends & all those lives you touched in some special way during your life. We miss you so much. Hold us close in your love and share with us a bit of the joy of your new life. Love , Jeanne

* An adaptation of the reading "The Name Only God Knows" from When God Whispers Your Name by Max Lucado

"Why did you name me Stacy?" I asked Mom one day when I got home. She looked up from the sink and replied, "You just looked like one!"

I havenít given much thought to my name. But there is one name that has caught my interest lately. A name only God knows. A name only God gives. A unique, one-of-a-kind, once-to-be-given name.

What am I talking about? Well, you may not have known it, but God has a new name for you. When you get home, he wonít call you Michael, or Wanda, or Tim, or Michelle, Danielle, or Michael Jr or Stacy. The name youíve always heard wonít be the one he uses. When God says he will make all things new, he means it. You will have a new home, a new body, a new life, and you guessed it, a new name. "I will also give to each one who wins the victory (over death) a white stone with a new name written on it. No one knows this new name except the one who receives it." (Rev. 2:17)

Makes sense. Fathers are fond of giving their children special names. Princess. Tiger. Angel. Sweetheart. Blondie. ("Spacey Stacy") No one else uses this name. Even if they did, no one else could say it the way Dad does.

Isnít it incredible to think that God has saved a name just for you? One you donít even know? We've always assumed that the name we got is the name we will keep. Not so. Imagine what that implies. Apparently your futures is so promising it warrants a new title. The road ahead is so bright a fresh name is needed. Your eternity is so special no common name will do.

So God has one reserved just for you. There is more to your life that you ever thought. Yhere is more to your story that what you have read. There is more to your song that what you have sung. A good author saves the best for last. A great composer keeps his finest for the finish. And God, the author of life and composer of hope, has done the same for all of us.

Always remember...
The best is yet to be.
And so I urge you, donít give up.
Finish the journey.
Be there.
Be there when God whispers your name.


Stacy heard that whisper,
She was ready to receive the new name
God had chosen for her.
God said to her....
You are my precious daughter,
in whom I am well pleased.
Come, rest in my arms.
Be at peace, my beloved one.

Dear God, we take our loved one by the hand and lead her to you. Here is Stacy. Accept our love and thanksgiving as we entrust her into your loving care. We ask that you save a place there beside her and that you be our loving presence in all the lonely moments that await us. We ask that you fill us with motivation and energy in the days when we feel like giving up; remind us often of our true homeland when we are caught up in the desolation and sadness of the journey. Help us to find joy in the people, events, and the beauty of nature which surround us each day.

Thank you for the gift of Stacy in our lives. We will celebrate the treasure of our love now and when we are all in your presence forever. May this truth sustain each of us. Take our sad and aching hearts and bring us your healing grace. Comfort us with your strength and gentle love. God of the sorrowing, draw near! Amen.





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