Stacy's Garden

From Timmy

Stacy was the type of person who you couldn't be mad at for long.  For whatever reason she made you mad at her, everything was fine again as soon as she cracked that smile.  Her smile could light up any room and you knew you would see it everywhere she went.  you could always tell when she was around at family gatherings.  She'd say something that would make you wonder - and you couldn't help but laugh.  That was her trademark.  Making people laugh and that killer smile of hers to go with it.  She never hid her smile even with braces.  You were a very beautiful young woman whose time ran out way before she could experience any of life's adventures.  God took her for a reason on Tuesday, and I believe she will watch over me like a guardian angel.  But, one thing is for sure, God has his hands full with this one.  She will be forever missed but, never forgotten.  I believe she will live in our hearts forever.

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