Stacy's Garden

From Timmy

Stace- Life is surely not the some without you.  No one has forgotten you and they never will because there was and still is nobody like you.  I try to fill your shoes and make the family laugh but I just can't do it like you- you were the best.  You and I had the typical brother-sister relationship, though there was definitely something more.  We rubbed off on each other so much we could keep people laughing for hours.  I still find myself laughing alone at times because you did the goofiest things.  You really didn't help the blonde stereotype at all, that is for sure.  So many of my friends wish they would have gotten to know you better because you and I were a lot alike in many ways.  You make me so very proud to be able to call you my sister. In your short fifteen years, I never thought you would have touched so many lives that you did.  I believe that everyone is sent from heaven born to a
family and given a task to fulfill.  Some may take 90 years to finish but you did what you had to do in 15 years and you got to go home, much earlier than I wish.  I know your having fun and it is a better place, but I am selfish, I want you here like everyone else.  I go to bed every single night and pray to you and I know your sitting along side God helping me get through every day and granting my dreams.  I can't thank you enough for getting me through all my trials and tribulations every single day.  Stace- it was a privledge being your brother and I tried to be the best I could.  I don't dwell wishing we could have been closer because than it wouldn't be the same as it is now.  I wouldn't change our friendship for the world for the memories are enough to
get me through every day.  I sometimes wonder why it is the good people that go first, the bad people deserve it, right?  But then I think to myself, nobody else on earth can touch people's lives except people like you.  God chose you because He knew you would make a difference in so many lives.  If it happened to anyone else, they would be gone and forgotten, but you will never be forgotten, only missed.  You are doing a great job watching over everyone down here, I'm getting all the signs I ask for.  So I thank you again for being my Sister and my Angel and keep your eyes out for me, I may need your help a lot.  This saying is from my favorite song and I sing it to you whenever I hear it.

So close no matter how far,
Couldn't be much more from the heart,
Forever trusting who we are,
No, Nothing Else Matters.
I hear it a lot and I think of you constantly.  I still remember you like
it's yesterday.  I didn't think I'd be able to go on without you, but you are helping my considerably and I only know you would want me to live my life to the fullest.  I promise you I will make you as proud as me just as I am of you.  You are in my heart so I am having fun for the both of us, the way you would want it.  Stace- no one is ever going to take your place down here and I couldn't ask for a better Sis and Angel.  

Love you sweetheart.

                                                Love your Bro, Timmy


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