Stacy's Garden

From Tony and Sharon

Dear Stacy,

Our most memorable moment of you, is when we held you as an infant, as we were asked to be your Godparents. From the very first moment, you had that beautiful smile, a smile that would light up a room.  As you grew, people would say `watch out for that one', but I knew that you just had that bubbly personality, and you really wouldn't do anything to make anyone worry.  You had a wonderful way to make someone feel better, and you seem to know the right words to say when they were down.  I remember during the basketball season when Sam was in 6th grade, and there was that ' situation', Sam told me how you were there for her. I am forever grateful to you and I was so glad that you were there to lend your kindness and friendship. You were always fun
to be around, and I was glad that you agreed to help coach with me during that basketball season.  We had a lot of fun-maybe too much fun and not enough basketball but it was a great season, thank you for taking the time to be there.  It was very hard for us to say goodbye to you Stacy, we have an emptiness in our hearts that we can only fill with the wonderful memories of you. We will miss spending the special times with you that we had or could of had now that you had grown into such a beautiful young lady. We will promise to never forget you and will keep your memories alive and in our hearts forever.
We love you very much Stacy!

Love Tony and Sharon


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