Stacy's Garden

In Memory Of
by Gen DeTrude

We dont know for sure,
Who she would have married,
Maybe Tom Mike,
Nick or Harry.

But we know it would be,
Someone who's great,
Because compared to Stacy,
No one can relate.

It was a very sad day,
Everyone was crying,
But if we said everything was bad,
We would be lying.

Because we know she is happy,
Up there with the Father,
And to try and change our minds,
You shouldn't even bother.

Of coarse we are unhappy,
Of coarse we are sad,
Yet we know she is safe,
And for that we sould be glad.

She went up to Heaven,
To a wonderful place,
To become an Angel,
We miss you Stace.

In loving memory of Stacy Vanderlinde.


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