Stacy's Garden

The Garden of

If Tomorrow Never Comes
First Christmas in Heaven
A Letter from Heaven
He Only Took My Hand
I'm Still Here
"The Dance" and "The Rose"
Angel Friends
And God Said
When Tomorrow Starts Without Me
Eleven Things I Miss About You
by Michelle 
So Many Memories
by Merria Reitz 
Stacy's Song by Gen Detrude
In Memory Of by Gen Detrude

Miss Me, But Let Me Go
Sent by April Koehnen

I Wanted To Do Something
Sent by Gretchen Anderson & Tyna Gilbert

Her Journey Has Just Begun
Submitted by Cara Sandquist

Memories of a Friend
Submitted by Stephanie Clark

Missing You Stacy
Submitted by Marcy Vanderlinde

God's Flower Garden
Submitted by Aunt Wendy

My Best Friend
Watching Over Me
Submitted by Brooke Salonek

I'm Free
Submitted by Beth Schuft

It Broke Our Hearts To Lose Her
Submitted by Mrs. Sielings Homeroom Class

Even Though I Didn't Know You
By Cara Sandquist 

A Surgeon's Story
Submitted by Paul Omelianchuk

The Gift Of A Memory
Submitted by Aunt Jeanne

The Quietest Day
By Gretchen Anderson


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