Stacy's Garden

Know I am watching from heaven above,
And with each ray of sunshine,
I'm sending my love.
Love,  Stacy

October 12, 1984 - February 8, 2000

October 12, 1984-February 8, 2000

If only I would have known what was going to happen that day you walked out that door, I would've never let you go.
I miss your laugh, that smile, the way you would put your hair up in a bun, the silly things you would say that would make us laugh. You were always so happy.
I miss hearing you typing on the computer when you were on the internet with your friends, or picking up the telephone for the third time and your are still talking on it, or buying you your salsa and chips, your birthday and Christmas presents.
God took you home that day. He blessed us with you for fifteen years. The pain so deep you can't explain. Our hearts still ache for you Stacy, there will always be an empty hole that will never be filled.
I've dreamt about you and every time you tell me "I have to go" I wake up crying, thanking God that he let me see you one more time. You're so real.
If only I would've known that night when you said "good bye mom" would be the last, I would've never let you go. If only.

Love mom,
Deeply missed by Mom, Dad, Tim, Heather, Michelle, Danielle, and Michael

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If Tomorrow Never Comes
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