Stacy's Garden

Stacy's Song
by Gen DeTrude

For everyone of my relatives,
Every single friend,
I give them a song,
So their memories inside me never end.

And when the song is not playing,
On the radio or T.V.,
I do not cry or become sad,
Because it still plays inside of me.

Stacy's song is by Eve Six,
Because she had the C.D.,
Along with all the others,
In her room you could see.

If you had made a mistake,
And no one else knew it,
If you told Stacy,
She'd help you get through it.

She was really, really nice,
That was for sure,
And it is ok,
If you miss her.

That is why,
I am writing this poem,
So you can keep it in your head,
When you feel sad and alone.

And know that she's safe,
And that she has no fear,
As long as you play her song,
So she can hear.


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